After a two-months hiatus, on 29 May at 8 pm EEST, conductor Normmunds Šnē and his chamber orchestra  Sinfonietta Rīga will again meet with their listeners - this time, streamed live from  Dzintari Concert Hall. The concert programme includes diverse soundscapes and conversations. First, the splendid Symphony in D major by the master of the corteous era Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, followed by a look at the "quiet season" through the eyes of contemporary Finnish composer Magnus Lindberg and his rarely performed opus Aventures. The programme will be topped off with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's legendary Clarinet Concerto. The solo will be performed by clarinetist Anna Gāgane, recipient of the Grand Music Award of Latvia. The concert will be presented by Inga Saksone, chief editor of Latvian Radio Channel 3 Klasika.

The title of the programme speaks for itself - A Different Season's Closing Concert. It voices the uncertainty of the present, and even more - the future. But at the same time it attests to our musicians' wish and readiness to serve music and our listeners in all possible ways also in these trying times. Separation may sometimes show us the value of the people, things and events that surround us with more clarity. Truly, the unexpected hiatus in the middle of Sinfonietta Rīga's regular concert season has made us realize how much we mean to each other, how much we value our listeners, how important to us is the moment when the concert hall fills with music performed for a devoted audience, " says the artistic director of Sinfonietta Rīga, conductor Normunds Šnē.


The music of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach has been strongly influenced by the currents of the Age of Enlightenment; his contemporaries were Friedrich Schiller, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Johann Gottfried Herder, and the Sturm und Drang movement embodied the revolutionary ideals of his generation. However, in his own work, the son of Johann Sebastian, known as the "Berlin Bach", found place for plenty of soft and mellow tones.

The sensitive style or Empfindsamer Stil of the 18th century influenced and cultivated the next generation of the classical era, represented by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Among his greatest masterpieces is the Clarinet Concert, written at the end of Mozart's creative career. It it, the typically jovial genius looks at the world with paternal tenderness and nostalgia, as if sensing that very soon the world will bid farewell to him - and vice-versa. Today, when the doors of the concert halls remain closed to the public, we all feel a similar aching for the ethereal but oh so salient art of music. For the performance Sinfonietta Rīga will be joined by the talented clarinetist Anna Gāgane, recipient of the Grand Music Award of Latvia.

Along with the reveries of past masters, Normunds Šnē's programme includes Finland's contemporary maestro Magnus Lindberg, who has developed his exquisite orchestration in the legendary Darmstadt Summer Course and with the French spectralist Gerard Grisey in Paris, but later polished his talent as the resident composer of New York Philharmonic and London Symphony Orchestra.


Clarinetist Anna Gāgane  belongs to the generation of determined and talented twenty-somethings; on the one hand she could still be described as young and promising, but on the other hand - she has already had plenty of experience and has proven herself a capable musician. In the spring of 2019 Anna Gāgane received the Grand Music Award as the New Artist of the Year. The highest professional accolade in Latvian music confirms that the ambitious young musician has earned her place among the top clarinetists of Latvia today. However, she continues to educate and develop herself. Anna first studied clarinet at Emīls Dārziņš Music School, then proceeded to Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music for her BA degree, while also polishing her skills at Lubeck Academy of Music. Afterwards, her path led to Basel Academy of Music, favoured by many Latvian musicians, where she obtained MA in Solo Performance, and continues to gather experience in a new professional field - music pedagogy - as the recipient of Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship.

 The brilliant musicality, talent and perserverance of Anna Gāgane are attested by the praise and awards received at a number of music competitions, among which the latest are Geneva International Music Competition and ARD International Music Competition.


The concert will be streamed live at Biļešu paradīze webpage, accessible on purchase of the access code. Price - 7 EUR. Free access codes are available for Sinfonietta Rīga 2020 Spring Season subscription ticket holders. To obtain your free access code, please send a photo of your subscription ticket to e-mail

The concert will also be streamed live to Latvian Radion Channel 3 Klasika.

W. A. Mozart - Symphony No. 41 "Jupiter"
F. Mendellsohn - Symphony No. 3
Linda Leimane - Guesstimations
R. Strauss - Oboe Concerto
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