Sinfonietta Rīga String Quartet

Since its founding in 2007, members in the string quartet has changed several times. Violinists Aleksejs Bahirs and Marta Jagmane have played in the quartet for a period of time, as well as viola player Liene Kļava. In seperate projects viola players Ineta Abakuka, Pēteris Trasuns and Zane Kalniņa, as well as cellist Ieva Puriņa have participated.

Musicians in the quartet at the moment:

Kristiāna Šīrante (first violin)

Agnese Kanniņa-Liepiņa (second violin)

Artūrs Gailis (viola)

Kārlis Klotiņš (cello)


Although the Sinfonietta String Quartet includes compositions from all periods of the history of music in its repertoire, the ensamble is most comfortable  in modern music. Todays Latvian composers have an important place in the repertoire. Such composers as Andris Dzenītis, Maija Einfelde, Romualds Kalsons, Selga Mence, Anita Mieze and Rihards Zaļupe have dedicated compositions to the ensamble.  The repertoire includes compositions by John Adams, Antonín Dvořák, Edvard Grieg, Jozeph Haydn, Matthew Hindson, Leosh Janachek, George Crumb, György Ligeti, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Arvo Pärt, Steve Reich and many others.


The string quartet has collaborated with several Latvian musicians, performing the Trombone Quintet by Christian Lindberg with Artūrs Bērziņš, the Clarinet Quintet by Magnus Lindberg with Guntis Kuzma, the Electris Guitar Quintet by Steven Mackey with Artūrs Gailis, Mozarts Clarinet Quintet and Artūr Grīnups Quintet with Inta Dāldere. The string quartet has repeatedly collaborated with countertenor Sergejs Jēgers, percussionist Ivo Kūrskops, clarinettist Guntis Kuzma and double bass player Jānis Stafeckis. In performing of compositions, that reqire electronic sound processing, the quartet has collaborated with the artistic director of the orchestra, Normunds Šnē.

Sinfonietta Rīga String Quartet has been nominated for the Latvian Great Music Award in 2007, in category „The Debut of the Year”.

The quartet performs not only in Riga, but many other towns in Latvia – Alsunga, Auce, Daugavpils, Durbe, Ēdole, Jelgava, Liepāja, Mežotne, Naukšēni, Rundāle, Saulkrasti, Ventspils and others.

W. A. Mozart - Symphony No. 41 "Jupiter"
F. Mendellsohn - Symphony No. 3
Linda Leimane - Guesstimations
R. Strauss - Oboe Concerto
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