Spīķeru String Quartet

Spīķeru String Quartet plays together since 2011. Its members are Sinfonietta Rīga concertmaster Marta Spārniņa, her substitute Antti Kortelainen, the orchestra’s violist Ineta Abakuka, and the concertmaster of Latvian National Symphony Orchestra’s cello group Ieva Upatniece. The name of the Quartet has been borrowed from its place of residence – Spīķeru Concert Hall. The diverse repertoire of the Quartet spans from the golden standards of Vienna Classics to contemporary scores, but a special place is reserved for Latvian composers’ string quartets and their promotion. Record company Wergo has published CDs of Spīķeru String Quartet’s complete recordings of all string quartets of Pēteris Vasks. The Quartet members enjoy the company of other musicians for performances  and other activities, and are united by their sense of humour, cheerfulness and, surprisingly, the secrets of child-rearing.

W. A. Mozart - Symphony No. 41 "Jupiter"
F. Mendellsohn - Symphony No. 3
Linda Leimane - Guesstimations
R. Strauss - Oboe Concerto
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