A Day like a Lifetime. Sinfonietta Rīga in Royal Concertgebouw Hall.

27th November 2022, Amsterdamm


It is difficult at such times to avoid more or less saturated pathos. Difficult, because what soldier does not want to become a general, and what orchestra does not want to step on the stage of the Royal Concertgebouw Hall in Amsterdam. Let's call this day the reference point of our creative life and with thoughts about this day we will continue to serve music! And yet, there is something that was especially exciting today - the truly warm reception of the incomparable, free-thinking and knowledgeable Dutch public. But for this day, the greatest thanks to our shepherd of souls, willpower and talents this week - the excellent oboist and conductor Alexei Ogrintchouk!




The story about the orchestra's concert tour by the Latvian Television. Journalist Anete Ašmane-Vilsone, cameraman Lauris Dundurs.



RADIO https://ej.uz/amsterdamasreportāža


Director of the Latvian Radio 3 Gunda Vaivode shares her impressions of the concert program of Sinfonietta Rīga and conductor and oboist Aleksejs Ogrinčuks. She, along with several other Latvians, has traveled a long way to share with us the joy of presence and - yes - also the excitement, which did not diminish until the final chords of Haydn's 104th symphony, when the Dutch audience finally rose to their feet and greeted the debut of the people from Riga with long applause in the excellent concert hall. At the venue of the event, Gunda Vaivode managed to ask several friends of the orchestra and, of course, the musicians themselves, about their impressions. Also Alexei Ogrintchouk, who expresses deep satisfaction for the realized collaboration with Sinfonietta Riga.

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