A Day like a Lifetime. Sinfonietta Rīga in Royal Concertgeobouw Hall.

It is difficult at such times to avoid more or less saturated pathos. Difficult, because what soldier does not want to become a general, and what orchestra does not want to step on the stage of the Royal Concertgebouw Hall in Amsterdam.

Sinfonietta Rīga will give a concert at the Royal Concertgebouw Hall in Amsterdam

On Sunday, 27 November, the State Chamber Orchestra Sinfonietta Rīga will perform at the world-renowned concert hall in Amsterdam for the first time since its inception. Alexei Ogrintchouk, the first Oboe of the Amsterdam Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, a well-known musician among Latvian audiences and an old friend to Sinfonietta, will take to the conductor’s stand.

Concert in support of the Freedom Fighters of Ukraine

A thrilling and warm reception of our Ukrainian guests took place tonight at the Great Guild Hall. Although still with open wounds, with pain, with desperate eyes, but the shoulder of a friend, true understanding - can strengthen, encourage and heal!


Orķestris Normunds Šnē

Since the foundation of the orchestra in 2006, Normunds Šnē is its Artistic Director and Chief Conductor.

The musicians of Sinfonietta Rīga are young and open to creative challenge – studying the traditions of Baroque music performance and the nuances of the interpretation of Classical music; they are brilliant performers of the contemporary music.

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